How it all began ........



The British Bash began back in early 2018 when our founders, Steph and Amanda, both British expats, were working on a different business whilst baking British desserts in their spare time for friends and social gatherings.


Their passion for British desserts grew and it soon became their primary business, beginning with sweet and savory scone baking mixes, chutneys, various seasonal fayre including Christmas puddings, sweet mincemeat and mulling spices. The business then pivoted  into "at home baking boxes" early in 2020.



Meet Amanda

Originally from the North of England Amanda is a busy mom of four, with a background in accounting (yawn); she longed for something fun and exciting.  Baking is her passion so she now enjoys bringing British traditions to her local community, friends and neighbors.

Favorite British Dessert: Raspberry Pavlova 

Meet Steph

Steph, a busy mom of three boys is originally from the Midlands area of England. She was in Quality Control and equipment leasing but sought out something more rewarding.  Also passionate about baking she enjoys producing tempting treats for friends, neighbors and now clients.

Favorite British Dessert: Rhubarb pie and custard

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