Easter Memories

When I was growing up the Easter Bunny was not well known in Britain.  Now, he (I assume he is a he – he always seems to be wearing a bow tie) is becoming more popular as egg hunts become more the norm. When I was young (roll of the eyes from my children), we didn’t do such things as egg hunts or even Easter Baskets (you’ve just had Christmas!) – we rolled painted, hard boiled eggs down a hill – for fun and then if they didn’t break we would eat them for lunch.

Decorated eggs were always one of my favorite Easter pastimes.  We didn’t have egg dyes. We would boil the eggs in tea or onion leaves to make them reddy brown, beetroot for a purple/pink and believe it or not, purple cabbage to make green eggs.  We only ever had brown eggs too, no white eggs for us. If the eggs were for rolling then that would probably be the end. But, if there was a competition for the best decorated egg at school (and there usually was), then……the sky was the limit.  One year, I made an Indian Squaw and got second place. Another year, a pig with a curly tail – no prize that year. Since the 1970’s, parents, sorry, the kids, have got a bit more competitive. Just look at the efforts below.

Mr Men Diorama
Jay Sherburn, age 9, of Gateshead created "Egg Sheeran" for Caedmon Primary School's Easter Egg competition

Easter Sunday would arrive, and typically parents and relatives got kids a chocolate Easter egg.  I usually had around ten (I had a big family). There are many, many eggs to choose from and if you were lucky you got one you liked.  If you were unlucky or your relatives didn’t like you or were cheap you got some not so nice ones. All the big confectioners make eggs: Cadbury, Mars, Nestle. They consist of a hollow chocolate egg (made using their chocolate) covered in foil and one or more of  the candy bars themselves. For example, one of my favorites was a Cadbury Flake egg, I had the egg and then a couple of flake bars. I really love Kitkats, they are my favorite cookie/candy bar and one year I was bought a giant Kitkat Easter egg by my aunt. I was so disappointed.   Not because I didn’t like the egg but because I could have a kitkat any day of the week but I couldn’t always have a Cadbury candy bar. How ungrateful!!


My Easter eggs did not last very long.  Usually within two weeks of Easter, they were long gone.  My brother in law, however, used to savor his eggs, so much so that one year, he left it so long that it had gone moldy when he came to eat it!    My friend told me that she didn’t get eggs from her parents at Easter, she had to wait until the Monday after Easter, when her mum gave her some money to go to the shops to buy an egg that was half price.  I was very lucky.

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